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27 05, 2015

Sufferers of Postphlebitic Syndrome Find Welcome Relief from Dr. Malekmehr

May 1, 2014

27 05, 2015

DVT Treatment Requires Expert Diagnosis First

Daily News - Los Angeles
May 14, 2014

27 05, 2015

5 Steps to Avoiding Deep Vein Thrombosis

Austin Business Journal
August 4, 2014

19 04, 2015

Thrombolysis for DVT Treatment can Make all the Difference

The risk factors for deep venous thrombosis are increasingly common in today's world. In fact, one in 1000 adults suffer from DVT. Unfortunately, many DVTs and deaths from complications of DVT are reported every year.

9 03, 2015

DVT Treatment from Dr. Malekmehr can be Life-Saving

It's often not hard to tell when you're suffering from deep venous thrombosis. Symptoms are often very evident, and include swollen legs, pain, warmth, tenderness and even difficulty ambulating.