Treatment Options

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the formation of a blood clot within a deep vein – usually within the leg, thigh or pelvis. DVT can lead to swelling, pain, difficulty ambulating or feelings of tightness or heaviness in the affected area, as well as potentially severe complications like pulmonary embolism or postphlebitic syndrome. Fortunately, at The California Institute for Deep Venous Thrombosis, our expert medical team is fully-equipped to provide state-of-the-art DVT treatment options.

Treatment for DVT using blood thinners in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita.


Often considered the standard DVT and blood clot treatment, anticoagulation prevents clots from propagation and decreasing the chance of complications like potentially fatal pulmonary embolism. Anticoagulation does not dissolve a clot completely, but instead lessens the chance of clot propagation.

IVC Filters used to treat vein conditions in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles.

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter

A metallic filter that is placed in the vena cava to prevent blood clot to travel from the lower extremities to the heart. An IVC filter is often used when there is a contraindication to anticoagulation or in conjunction to mechanical thrombectomy.

Thrombosis treatment by DVT expert in Los Angeles, Dr. Farshad Malekmehr.

Mechanical Thrombectomy

A revolutionary and highly effective new treatment that removes blood clots from the deep veins. Early removal of clots from deep veins can be highly beneficial in avoiding severe conditions like pulmonary embolism and postphlebitic syndrome.

Thrombolysis done by DVT specialist, Dr. Farshad Malekmehr.


A treatment that decreases the chance of clot propagation and fatal pulmonary embolism by preserving the valves in the veins.

Treating and preventing blood clots with compression stockings.

Compression Stockings

These are fitted to a patient’s leg to provide a pressure of about 30 mmHg to the lower extremity veins in order to decrease swelling and the chance of postphlebitic syndrome. In most cases, these should be worn for about one year after diagnosis of DVT.

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