The risk factors for deep venous thrombosis are increasingly common in today’s world. In fact, one in 1000 adults suffer from DVT. Unfortunately, many DVTs and deaths from complications of DVT are reported every year. That’s why DVT treatment from Dr. Malekmehr at the California Institute for Deep Venous Thrombosis is so important.

Deep vein thrombosis can lead to swelling, pain, difficulty moving, or feelings of tightness or heaviness in the affected area. Further still, potentially life-threatening complications like pulmonary embolism and postphlebitic syndrome can occur as a result of DVT. However, mechanical thrombectomy for DVT from Dr. Malekmehr can remove blood clots from deep veins. Early removal of clots from veins can be highly beneficial in avoiding these severe conditions.

Thrombolysis for DVT treatment is another similarly effective procedure from Dr. Malekmehr. By preserving the valves in the veins, treatment decreases the chance of clot propagation and fatal pulmonary embolism. In fact, as a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Malekmehr has a special interest in treating patients with DVT and pulmonary embolism.

Of course, one of the best ways to avoid suffering from the complications of DVT is to stop deep vein thrombosis before it starts. Fortunately, Dr. Malekmehr can be very helpful in this regard as well. He will happily discuss ways to avoid the malady, as well as informing patients of some of the main risk factors, including pregnancies and postpartum, hip replacement and knee replacement. Simply put, if you think you or a loved one might be at risk for DVT, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.